Scott is able to quickly analyze business problems, which frankly, I was completely unfamiliar with. He clearly explains the issues, how they affect the operations of the company, and lays out a number of options on how things can proceed. As the only manager in a smaller, private company, I rely on Scott’s advice and direction to make well-informed decisions in situations where I would otherwise be on my own.
Ron E., Manager, Regional Services Company

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Another Exciting Update

I am pleased to announce that after numerous meetings and following thorough discussion, I will be working in association with Claire A. Gibson & Associates, recruitment and placement specialists, on HR, management and operational reviews for her new and existing client base.  Claire’s “background in success” includes extensive experience while working in Employee Training and…


Well it would appear that we’ve made it through the Apocalypse and the Christmas season (not really sure which one is the more traumatic!) and now looking to new opportunity in a new year. I hope everyone had a restful holiday break and is looking forward to re-engaging in the coming weeks. I came across…

Monkey Business

Nope, not talking about the 7 month old macaque found shopping for a new futon at the North York Ikea.  I’m referring to an article by Harvey Schachter in the December 2, 2012 Globe and Mail that addresses the issue of managers inadvertently taking on challenges that their direct reports have responsibility for. Here’s the…

So, What’s New?

Well it’s been a while since any new posts have been added to the website and for that I must fall on my sword. People get busy, your clients get busy, we’ve heard all the excuses.  No one can claim complete innocence from pushing things back “just one more day.”  So, in the interests of…

Learning your a, b “C’s”

You’ve finally managed to finesse your way past “The Gatekeeper”, the Executive Assistant who controls the day-to-day happenings of the senior executive you’ve been trying access for the last several months. You’ve navigated your way into the Inner Sanctum, the reception area for those waiting to meet with the CEO, the CFO, the COO or…


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